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Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

She was scared


She was scared

By Ananaba Sandra Chibuzor

Eyes red with rage!

Muscles tight

Jaw clenched

Fingers coiled into fist

He advanced towards her slowly.

“How dare you talk back at me? You pig. You nincompoop. So because I picked you from the gutter and made you who you are today, you think you’ve arrived?”

The back of his hand hit across her face.

“Are you mad”

He thundered at her, as he punched and kicked her body not minding her condition.

The force of his fist drove her to her knees; loud, heaving sobs tore from her throat.

She screamed as she desperately tried to protect her 5 months old pregnancy and her face.

“Please understand me. I never meant that as an insult. Forgive me. Biko”

“Bikonu Obim”

“I’m your wife ooh”

“Look at my condition naaa. Remember you promised not to hit me again especially with this pregnancy”

Her pleads instead of diffusing his anger infuriated him the more.

Her soul wrenching sobs fell on deaf ears as he paused only long enough to strip his belt off his trousers and continue in his quest of designing her body with it.

Uloma couldn’t defend herself.

She curl herself in a ball in a desperate attempt to protect her pregnancy and gave him her back to design as he wants.

Since he takes delight in hitting her, since pummelling her with blows makes him feel more a man, she’s offering him her back to do as he pleases.

When he was done, he walked for the front door and left her there, alone in a heap of her own tears but not without a parting shot.

“Talk back at me next time and you’ll tell me how much you’ve contributed to the growth of this family. Ozu!”

Uloma grimaced with pain as she pulled herself up from the floor and made her way into the master bedroom, sat on her matrimonial bed and clutched her head.

Then came the tears again.

It burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down her face.

She felt the muscles of her chin tremble like a small child and she looked towards the window, as if the light could soothe her.

There is this static in her head once more, the side effect of constant fear, constant beating from the beast of a man she is unfortunate to get married to.

Is this how she’s going to live for the rest of her life?

From the outside it looks like a perfect marriage, yet Uloma hid purple ribs and purple “flowers” that blossomed over her legs.

On skin as brown as hers it was harder to spot, but it was there and she felt the pain with each breath.

Their home was a cage for her body and in her depression her body came to feel like a cage for her soul.

Should she put up with his constant physical and mental abuse?

No… She can’t.

She needs to do something else the man will kill her one-day.

She will leave the house for him.

She’s got to.

And with that, she went to the wardrobe, brought out her clothes then paused!

Where will she go to?


Dad won’t let her in.

She could remember the last time she ran do him for protection and what transpired.

“You don’t run back to my house at any slightest issue you’ve got with your husband. Go and fix your home. It is your responsibility.” he yelled at her and slammed the door on her face not caring about the deep purple bruise under her left eye.

An evidence of her travails in the hands of her husband.

She felt ashamed of herself for having a father who can’t call his son in law to order for the fear that Uche her husband will stop extending some financial help to his family.

And now, she doesn’t even have a dime on her.

Uche her husband had insisted she becomes a house wife and take care of his kids. Same kids he beats out of her.

Three times she had miscarried due to her husbands incessant beatings.

She patted her stomach and smiled sadly.

She’s got no other choice.

She’s got no money

No bank account

No savings

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Uche made sure of this. He’ll rather buy her whatever she needs, however expensive it is than to give her money.

And now, She’s got no place to go.

If she runs, he will always find her and gets his revenge which is a double dose of beating.

She’s got to stay at least for the sake of her baby.

Oh her baby!

She can’t bear the thought of anything happening to this pregnancy.

She needs this child. It might be the antidote she needs for her husband’s madness.

Staying put in her matrimonial home has become a great difficulty, surviving outside here will be impossible especially in her condition.

Who will want to employ a pregnant woman?

Where will she start from?

Of course, Uche will come back to the house remorseful and making promises of never to raise a finger on her again like he always do.

Promises he hardly keep.


He’ll be the grovelling lover, ever caring husband, serving her breakfast on bed, a meal she’d never be able to eat through the pain that cut each breath short.

He’ll then dab the bruises he inflicted on her with hot water. There will be no doctor, no evidences.

Until he loses his temper all over again.

And the cycle continues.

Uloma had always been so self-conscious when she cried but now she just gave way to the enormity of her grief.

She sobbed into her hands and the tears dripped between her fingers, raining down onto the rug.

Her breathing was ragged, gasping and the strength left her legs. She sank to her knees.

Her skin was blotched but there was no-one there to witness it let alone comfort her.

She cried until no more tears came, but still the emptiness and sorrow remained.

The last painful emotion slammed against her. Everything darkened into nothingness as she passed into the oblivion of unconsciousness.

Dusk fell.

On the first light of the day her still crouched figure remained unmoved.

She was scared

She was scared

She was scared

She was scared

She was scared

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