Thu. Jan 21st, 2021


By Russell Bluejack
I am really worried about something today. Everyone knows that Tony Nnadi of the Lower Niger Congress was the one that went to the US Congress to talk about the persecution of Christians. We all saw the video, didn’t we? So why did Garba Shehu tell a lie? There must be a reason, and my duty is to expose him.
Garba Shehu, as the media image maker of this government, is aware of the impending Force Majeure in Nigeria. Yes, the march will be against the military tissue paper we call Nigeria Constitution. Is the presidency so afraid of the revolt in the offing that they had to glorify the same group they proscribed? Is this what fear can cause? By the way, Garba Shehu should note that acknowledging IPOB as the ones talking to the international community is tantamount to DE-PROSCRIPTION of the group. If you can falsely acknowledge IPOB as the mastermind of Nigeria’s atrophying image overseas, then you have implicitly let them off the hook.
Well, whether the presidency likes it or not, the LOWER NIGER CONGRESS and its MNN alliances in the West, Middle Belt, South-East, and South-South will stage a Force Majeure against the Constitution and the killings. It will will be a revolutionary march like never before. It was Tony Nnadi’s effort overseas that led to the dispatchment of some teams to Nigeria. Those teams came into the country to investigate the claims. We can all see the result. Garba Shehu’s deliberate twist of fact means nothing to the oppressed. IPOB want Biafra while LNC-MNN want freedom for the oppressed through a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE on the CONSTITUTION. If the fear of the LNC and its alliances has made the presidency to beat a retreat on the proscription of IPOB, fine and good. Perhaps we should all appreciate Tony Nnadi for this development.
But Garba Shehu cannot tell us that he does not have a copy of the ECOWAS verdict where Kanu was denied mandate to speak for the real IPOB. Is the ECOWAS Court not a very strong member of legal wing of the International Community? Or is he also trying to tell us that the presidency is not aware that Nigeria has been in Court with the real IPOB (Customary Government) under Bilie Rights for years? Why would the presidency celebrate a jamboree in their bid to save face? Have the Presidency seen the radio group in any international forum or conference? Has it not been about radio broadcast? Has Kanu, or any of his co-travelers in the private company called “IPOB” spoken at any international gathering? I know that the Presidency are jittery. I can feel the atmosphere in Aso Rock.
But the Force Majeure will come, and our foundation will be shaken. False credit cannot change that. Nigeria must change. The LNC-MNN alliance seek a better Nigeria, and they know that the corrupt system is fanned by the Constitution. What we call Nigeria Constitution is, actually, a military constitution. We shall work together to change the narrative. I support the LNC-MNN. I support the impending Force Majeure. Garba Shehu is at liberty to tell another lie. A radio-based organization lacks what it takes to attract international attention. Kanu’s IPOB is a registered company in Britain. Maybe Garba Shehu is not aware that IPOB has “plc” and “ltd” attached to its name. Is any corporate organization revolutionary? Or does our Shehu not know that Kanu is the “Director” of that company? The corporate status of IPOB is the reason why no one takes them seriously. Who registers a revolution?
We do a lot of things out of ignorance. Ignorance is behind the Presidency’s reference and credit to a registered company. The LNC is not a registered company, and that is why its Secretary-General – Tony Nnadi – has been mounting world body rostrums to speak about the ills in Nigeria.

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