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Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

Why We Still Can’t Breathe After All…

Why We Still Can’t Breathe After All…
Restructuring is good, Biafra is better but Good Governance is best!!!
Cornnel Odumegwu Ojukwu led Biafra to war not for lack of good governance but insecurity of the then East Central State and her people. Since after the war, up till now Biafrans especially the IGBO NATION still cry for being marginalized
I urge whoever that’s reading to put aside sentiment and grudges let’s reason and understand ourselves. Maybe we could find a common ground and possibly chart a new course.
Post Biafra-Nigeria war, the entire space known as Biafra has been receiving allocations and so many funds from Federal Government and other International Agencies. Safe the military era, no outsider has/is governing Biafra.
Now an honest question, who is kneeling on our necks? Who’s stunting our growth? In my candid opinion, Bad governance is!!!
Before the era of crude oil, Biafrans were very industrious people. We thrived in commerce, industry and Agriculture.
Our apprenticeship adjudged the best system of growing economy world over even in the face of oppression.
Our AKAWO system encouraged and built one of the best cooperation amongst business people. But the gods cursed and or chose to punish us with bad leaders?
On the news lately states like Cross Rivers built and furnished over 400 houses for displaced communities of her people. Just yesterday Boronu State presented to her people one of the best schools one could ever ask for.
Let me ask; within the last 21years of democracy, is there any capital project worth at least $1b within IGBO NATION?
Have we not received over $10t since then? What about internally generated revenue?
Some people might argue the allocations are not enough, but were the little judiciously managed? Some might argue but we own the resources, only two of the five IGBO NATION has oil.
Ndi Igbo are not lazy…
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We are industrious, commerce is our major. Since we account for over 80% of total imports of Nigeria, why are our leaders (Political Class) not opening sea ports? Why are there no economic cities in Igbo Land?
Eko Atlantic City is not a government project, but Lagos State Government saw that every necessary support it needed were provided. What has Igbo National Government (South East Government) done to encourage her sons and daughters to invest in Igbo Land?
Igbo National Government could actually come up with economic restructuring. The five states could work together and build a strong and vibrant economy.
Unless we the people demand for good governance, unless we demand for the ruling class to take off their knees on our necks, we may never breathe again.
Anyatonwu Witson
Isiala Ngwa North
Abia State Nigeria
Why We Still Can’t Breathe After All…

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