Thu. Jan 21st, 2021


By Ubani Dannie (Ord. Ezenmuo)
When a guy becomes too confident of himself and arrogantly ungrateful to the point of biting the finger that fed him he becomes rather open for a sucker punch. This the fate of all ingrates. So let it be with Obaseki.
Oshimole may be everything that is undemocratic and evil but try as anyone could no one can deny the fact that he is the political god that created a governor out of a politically obscure and inconsequential Obaseki.
Obaseki and his handlers could have devised whatever strategy to manage his benefactor even if it would have amounted to bending backwards without breaking. Emboldened by the sycophancy and fawning loyalty of political thicks who feed and fester on all supine successive administrations, Obaseki become the proverbial Nza bird who overfed himself to the point of challenging his personal god to a wrestling duel.
What is the outcome today? Forget all the grandstanding and braggadocio and hullabaloo Obaseki is out there all alone in the cold drenched with rain and shivering and gasping for breath like a real coronavirus patient. He is today running from pillar to post looking for succor in the PDP camp where he did not sow.
Yesterday, Obaseki was at Creek House, Port Harcourt to lobby Wike for the PDP ticket. As an egocentric power player that Wike is, he would leverage on his heavy financial sponsorship of PDP to arm-twist the party’s leadership to concede the Edo State governorship ticket to Obaseki. Wike’s calculations would be to wrestle the whole of the oil rich South South from the APC for some strategic political reasons, and of course, to to massage his ego.
But guess what? PDP should as well kiss goodbye to the governorship seat of Edo the very moment the ticket is handed over to Obaseki. I can stake my life for this. Elevating and rewarding Obaseki above loyal party men whose commitment and resources have nursed and nurtured the party for the past fifteen years will divide the cohesion of the party and open such a festering cancerous schism that would turn hitherto party loyalists to undertakers and saboteurs. And once this happens, and it must happen, the falcon will ko longer hear the falconer abs PDP would finally be buried in Edo Edo State.
Again, handing over the PDP ticket to Obaseki will draw the ire and wrath of Oshimole as a person, the APC cabal and the presidency in such a way that would make the electoral travesty of Ekiti State a child’s play. What do I mean?
After listening to and watching some video clips where Obaseki declared Oshiomle a persona non grata in Edo State, where he openly threatened to show Oshimole that he – Obaseki is the Governor of Edo State, and where he openly called on DSS and police to arrest Oshimole any critical-minded power analyst will understand that a rigid battleline has been drawn between the duo of Obaseki and Oshimole. In this battle Obaseki may have some vociferous supporters but when the federal government-backed anti-democratic roars into Edo in support of Oshimole and APC another Ekiti State macabre dance will replay itself. This is Oshimole’s last fight of political and physical survival. In this last fight he could be likened to the mythical Yoruba generalisimo Oreonakakanfo who must win the war or commit suicide.
In addition to all the above, power flows from the barrel of gun. The oil rich Niger Delta especially, the South South is a heavy financial importance in the power calculus of this nation. Of all the South South States Edo is the only one in the political kitty of the ruling APC. It will be a political blunder of suicidal proportion for the governorship position of this state to slip away to the hands of the opposition. The APC strategists understand this very well. Consequently, they will take every offensive and defensive measures to win Edo. They will even been more militaristic, confrontational and animalistic with Obaseki flying the flag of PDP.
You are free to doubt this opinion but archive this post. We sure will get back to it when the tanks roars and the results start trickling in.

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