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Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis
By Kelechi Ekezie
Again we take a look at the subtle worlds around us and how some of them affect us on the mundane level. Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon that most of us have experienced especially while growing up. We are asleep, yet awake at the same time, unable to speak or move. You begin to see scary images, hear scary sounds of impending physical attack, feel movements like little beings are trampling on your bed, feel shoves, touches etc. This phenomenon has been ignorantly attributed to the machinations of evil, mischievious beings from the ethereal worlds, past life “soul mates or enemies”, demons seeking possession of victims’ body, projections from evil witches or malvolent beings…
Sleep paralysis is a minor pineal gland malfunction. The pineal gland is regarded by all great sages and philosophers of the past and present as the master gland…it tells all the other glands and organs what to do. Rene Descartes held the pineal gland to be the seat of the soul. It is the gateway between the physical and unseen worlds. One of the higher functions of this gland is the ability to see distant objects and events within the mind, commonly referred to as clairvoyance. “Our brother, Lazarus has fallen asleep, I go to wake him” said the Master Jesus…How did Jesus know Lazarus had died? It is one of the advanced functions of a developed pineal gland.
Placed at the very centre of the head, carefully protected by the skull, the pineal is responsible for dreams, visions, prophecies etc, when fully developed. it is unfortunately atrophied in most humans, but relatively developed in cats, horses, pigs,owls and even dogs…it connects us to the dream world; the impressions we receive during sleep are passed to the objective mind, which assigns mundane elements such as sounds, images etc to those impressions. The entire process is played back like a video, and that is what we call DREAMS.
In the dream state, we are in a sub-conscious state. Negative emotions such as jealousy, hate, envy, suspicion etc often manifest as hideous creatures, threatening to attack us. We turn to flee, but find often times running away seems difficult – that is because that very emotion still controls us, is still part of our being.
Principally speaking, the pineal gland becomes active when the body is passive, most especially during sleep, deep meditation, trance or hypnotic states. Thus the sleeping time of the physical body is the waking time of the pineal gland. However, due to certain factors such as chronic fatigue, stress etc, the physical body/mind may not have become fully asleep when the pineal gland wakes up, then an interlude occurs: Both the pineal gland and the physical body are awake at the same time. Thus we have a typical situation where we are beginning to dream with our eyes open, still partly awake. The pineal gland is already connected to the dream world, passing impressions to our mind while the objective mind is still awake, something that normally occurs when we are fully asleep.
This is the state called SLEEP PARALYSIS. Because of the seeming inability to move physically, FEAR, a negative emotion envelops the mind. The mind begins to assign terror related mundane elements to this state: We begin to perceive eerie figures, begin to hear sounds of forced entry into our room, even the sense of touch, still awake, triggers impressions of touch or being shoved by unseen elements… In other words, we are experiencing what should normally be experienced in the dream state within our physical environment, and seeming unable to do anything about it…This state is harmless and temporary.
Causes of sleep paralysis:
1. Struggling with sleep: If you are tired and sleepy, at the first nod of the head, switch off the phone, laptop, tv, close the mag or book you are reading and sleep. Struggling to remain awake makes the pineal gland try to wake up and then forced back to sleep again. Each time we almost doze off, the pineal gland almost wakes up, then we force ourselves to wake again and force the pineal gland back to sleep. One day, that interlude will occur: Both pineal gland and physical body will “jam” and both will be awake at the SAME time for some seconds, before the phyical body usually snaps up in panic and forces a shutdown of the pineal gland. Almost every sufferer of sleep paralysis is guilty of this.
2. Stress, chronic fatigue, prolonged anxiety: This is also related to #1 above. If we stay awake at night worrying and worrying, slowly but surely we will experience sleep paralysis.
3. Calcium deposits around the pineal gland: If you are under stress, work late etc, try and minimize the use of floride based toothpastes. These are found to place deposits of calcium compounds around the pineal gland and can interfere with the normal functioning. If possible, avoid the use of floride based toothpastes at night before retiring. Use herbal.
How to pull out of sleep paralysis:
1. If you are caught in this state, just remain calm; sleep paralysis is harmless, there is no record of anyone dying or getting harmed by it. Just direct your concentration to the soles of your feet or your solar plexus for a few seconds. That should shutdown the pineal gland and release you to wake up physically.
2. If this does not release you, simply vibrate the solar plexus and soles of the feet by slowing and mentally saying the Kabbalistic sacred name Eloah-Adonai with sincere reverence. This holy name is related to the solar plexus (Tiphareth) and soles of the feet (Malkuth). Infact, merely thinking of the name Eloah-Adonai alone should suffice to release us from that state. And a few minutes of meditation on it before sleep usually prevents it.
if after the use of these, the sleep paralysis do not resolve, you may have to see a doctor or have a CT scan to ensure there is no injury to the pineal gland or disease therein. Insufficient blood supply to the pineal gland could also cause sleep paralysis.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Avoid extremes in all habits, eat healthy, get adequate rest, good exercise, expose your self to Nature regularly. Avoid raw or poorly cooked meats.
Above all, do your best to be like the Sun: shining your light, life and love on all without favour or discrimination; never resent or despise toxic beings, just avoid or tolerate them as they have chosen to be.
Happy Fathers’ day to all fathers.
Peace Profound.
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